Garage door openers function in automatically lifting the garage doors through motorization. There are basically three types of openers which we work on during garage door repair including; the belt, screw drives and jackshaft chains. We will offer our new replacement parts, repair or installation services depending on the requirements of the door’s automation system as well as the needs of the user of the garage door. Openers are known to be the entire garage door system’s heart. However, it is important to know that they function well due to support from other parts. Thus, they need several other vital components to be installed so that the system can work efficiently. Our experienced garage door experts are fully able to repair all openers of any brand and type of garage doors.

Garage door repair College Park also prioritizes safety and functionality of your garage doors. Our skilled associates are aware of the significance of garage door safety and the harm which a faulty garage door may pose to you, your family or even employees. To make sure that your garage door opener functions well and safely, our experts will carry out a 20-point safety check when called upon for repair and maintenance jobs. The safety check confirms that any repair job done has been completed correctly so as to verify that any lingering safety problems of the door and its mechanisms are eliminated. If our team notices any safety concerns, they will give you appropriate advice on the best way that of resolving the problem. The common garage door opener issues include; garage door fails to open or close, it makes grinding and humming noises, Remotes keypads not functioning, Stripped opener parts such as gears, Belts, screw drives and direct drive operators and jack-shaft chains. We offer a wider range of popular Garage Door Opener parts for our clients to choose from. All openers we provide come with a key-less entry; remote controllers.

Our experts will offer you friendly and fast garage door services which guarantee you our great lifetime warranty services. Our products are only bought from qualified and reputable manufacturers who provide the best kind quality products. Our technicians together with the quality products certainly guarantee you satisfaction to all the garage door needs that you may have.


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