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Garage door springs may break for due to many reasons. This includes extreme cold or heat which may stress the springs to their breaking point. The breaking could also be caused by normal wear and tear of older springs. A broken spring limits the functioning of your garage door. The door will fail to open or close if the spring is broken.

When the spring breaks, the garage door may have already come down or closed. However, in some cases, the spring may snap while the garage door is in motion or closing which will cause the garage door to drop rapidly. In such situations, your door is definitely a serious safety concern for you, your family or employees, for commercial places. The garage doors are extremely heavy and may lead to serious injury if not properly handled. You are advised to stand clear of the faulty garage door until you contact Garage door repair college Park professionals to assess the problem and correct it appropriately and to your convenience.

Our excellently trained technicians in combination with our great equipment make a greatly dynamic force. This is very useful to potential clients who need a team of experts to fix their garage door’s broken spring. Our company provides garage door servicing which ensures that the tension of your door spring is operating well and this helps in avoiding any potential problems with your door spring in the near future which makes them very durable. We are equipped with the appropriate tools, great technical experience and knowledge of the features of all the various garage door systems and thus we have the ability to fix any problem. Our team will also provide relevant and helpful consultation and then replace the damaged parts to your satisfaction. All our replacement parts are acquired from the most distinguished and qualified manufacturers worldwide and you can be sure about their product quality.

New Garage door installation

Garage door repair College Park also specializes in the installation of all types of garage doors. Our team is well-trained and knowledgeable about all the types, designs and looks that you may prefer from the low-maintenance steel-garage doors to the eco-friendly recycled-wood garage doors. We also ensure that all our associates are fully updated on the latest and newest trends in garage designs and looks by constantly training them on the same. This guarantees you reliable installation services which involve helping you in selecting a model that has materials, features and style that meet all your needs. A new Garage Door definitely gives your home or commercial place an entire new look. We offer you the opportunity of choosing from our vast selection which ranges traditional to modern style garage doors. We will offer you a perfect installation for any type of garage door for every budget. Our professionals also have the experience to give you great and helpful advice on the garage door style to choose so as to complement the exterior look of you home in the best way possible. We offer the installation services for both commercial garage doors and residential Garage doors.

Our team will add some great accessories such as Wireless Door Cameras, and Garage Door Decorations. They will also freely advise you how cold weather conditions affect the garage doors and their openers and will ensure that your door is storm proof. Garage door College Expert also offer services to clients who are looking to replace their garage doors in College Park and its surrounding areas. Our installation experts are well-screened professionals who will offer you a worry-free and quality service in replacing your old garage door with any new one of any type and design that you may choose. Garage door repair College Park’s unbeatable team of technicians is dedicated to ensuring your preferred garage door replacement is carried out smoothly from the beginning to the end and they will be updating you throughout the entire process. We are able to customize your new garage door with a wide variety of features such as unique window style, color choices and also door designs. The various types of new garage doors that we install include; Overhead garage doors, Electric door operators, Pedestrian garage doors, Sectional garage doors, Roller Garage doors, Side-Hinged doors, Round the Corner doors, Front Entrance garage doors, , Sliding and Folding doors, Insulated doors, Period Style doors, Designer Garage Doors, Timber garage doors, Silvelox Garage Doors among many others. Have your new garage door installed by our licensed and experienced professional and you will certainly never regret the results.

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